Welcome to Bemore Instruments
Sit, Play & Enjoy

Experience the new organ generation

Welcome to Bemore Instruments
Luxurious in build and design. Suitable for any home.

Our instruments are Handcrafted

Welcome to Bemore Instruments
One Page 15.5" Touchscreen

No more searching in endless menu’s

Welcome to Bemore Instruments
Looking forward to get in Touch!

Welcome to Bemore Instruments
Sit, Play & Enjoy

Let Bemore start to make your musical dream come true

Available with 2 way integrated speaker system with Bemore design and quality amplification.


The Bemore organs comes with a standard 17 note pedalboard or 25 note pedalboard.

We can produce any colour cabinet to suit your individual taste and decor.


One Page 15.5" HD Touchscreen

The Unique 15.5" HD widescreen display makes the handling of the instrument a piece of cake. No more searching in endless menu’s Just select a layer and choose your favorite sound.

Extremely stable Bemore Electronics

The electronics are custom designed and built exclusively for the Bemore organ series. All electronics are extremely high quality and have a very low power consumption.

We love Organs!
Take a look at our Instruments!

Bemore-Instruments are the manufacturer of the Genesis and Discovery organ. Developed by professionals but with the home player in mind. People who appreciate a high-end quality, user friendly digital organs will love the Bemore. All Bemore instruments are hand crafted and built to order. 


Our Accompaniment which includes both fingered and One Finger chords System. One of the amazing benefits of the Bemore is it's ability to load most styles from many of the major manufacturers and third party style manufactures. A simple google search will reveal thousands of styles that you can use in the instrument without extra software or conversion. How handy is that!

Made with Love


Most instruments have gone too far in terms of functions and programming. The hobby organist wishes to simply 'turn on and play' instead of spending hours programming presets before they can enjoy their instrument. Here at Bemore, we have a different approach. The Bemore organs works entirely without menu’s, meaning everything can be found on one screen. No endless menu screens but back to playing and having fun. That’s why we say, Sit. Play & Enjoy. The Bemore allows you to do this.


Suit your individual taste and decor


Extreme stabile Bemore Electronics


Available in all colours


Will bring a smile to your face -- guaranteed!


Innovations made with Love


Our dedicated Team

Love to create


Ir Martin van Vliet
System Architect. Firmware Programmer.

Mr Martin van Vliet has more than 30 years experience in the electronic industry. As a former Philips employee he knows all the ins and outs between a average or excellent electronic design. Martin designed all the electronics for the Bemore, focused on stability and low power consumption. Testimony to this is that even when the Bemore is left on over 24 hours, all electronics remain cold.

Richard van Kooij

Richard van Kooij started the Bemore Instrument brand because he saw his favourite instrument losing the battle on the instrumental market. He believes that digital organs have become too complicated for most owners to use. Because of this and his love for this wonderful instrument, Richard and his team developed a brand new instrument which is very easy to use, with endless possibilities but most of all no menu’s. Just Sit, Play & Enjoy.

Designers & Manufacturer  of Handbuild Digital Instruments based in Breda, NL

The Bemore Organs are available in several designs and versions.

The more contemporary beautiful designed Genesis Home with blue illumination covering all fascias. The Genesis Home comes as standard with 2×100 digital amplification system (Class D) and a 17 note pedalboard. This however, can be tailored to customer requirements, i.e., 25 note pedalboard, and extra amplification by way of two floor standing speakers. Please refer to your dealer for your own requirements. The Genesis Pro is available with or without amplification. The amplification for the pro consists of two high quality floor standing speakers. Once again there is a choice on pedalboard with 17 or 25 notes. Your dealer will always be happy to help and advise you.

The brand-new Bemore Discovery has a 17-note pedal box but shares the the same Ultra Clear Transparency audio system from the Flagship Bemore Genesis.


Electronic parts


Hours development time


Developed Instruments

What we do
Our Qualities

A High Quality service.

brought with a Smile.

15,4 Widescreen''

Bemors brings you the biggest User Touch display (15.4") ever seen in a Digital Organ with a very easy to use One Page User interface.

Ease of Use
latest technology

Because the Bemore organs are not developed on the proverbial green table and alone by technicians in the "dark room", but many ideas and wishes of hobby players and professionals were included.

Ultra Transparant Sound
BMS Music-Technologie

A till now not achived Ultra clear Transparant sound by use of the Bemore Ultra Clear Transparancy Sound filtersystem - BMS Music-Technologie. You'll have to hear it in real life.

Presets Generation 2.0
Presets a Lightspeed

The Bemore Organs offers a new approach to making your favourite sound combinations. This can all be done extremely quick and all from the screen effortlessly!!!

gives your peace of mind

We are committed to our product. Many years of development and extensive testing by professionals and instrumental artists has taken place. Bemore Instruments stands for quality and reliability. Our instruments function flawlessly, and therefore we are happy to provide a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

How it should be

Bemore Instruments delivers service in your own house by use with your Internetconnection directly into the instrument with use of a Cat6 UTP Cable.

Our Instruments
Made with Love

Luxurious build, Quality Design. a pefect fit in any home

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