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Bemore Genesis Home

Bemore Genesis Home Contemporary design

Bemore Genesis Home 650px

Bemore Genesis Home Pearl

Specifications Bemore Genesis Home

Professional Quality weighted 2 x 5 Octave keyboards

Touch sensitive and Aftertouch

Aftertouch can be switch on and off.

1 button to set touch sensitivity to off

Advanced Dynamic Control for exceptional touch sensitivity (4 programs)

17 Fatar or 25 note custom built pedalboard

Free choice of splits on every layer for upper and lower part of the keyboard

Sound combinations selectable to upper-/lower and bass

Unique Flex track

Integrated High-Resolution Audio recording

VST hosts to load Software Instruments

3 Professional 64bits effects sections

Professional 64 bits EQ section with dynamic control.

8 tracks accompaniment section 4 intro /4 ending/ 4 variation per styles possible

Accompaniment plays most styles from all the major style manufacturers

One Finger System accompaniment

Unlimited Presets for sounds registration (upper/lower/bass/accompaniment)

Ultra Clear Transparency Audio system

Each Bemore Genesis will be delivered including a complete high-quality Sound set.

Church organ, Euro organs, Unique USA drawbar sounds. An extensive orchestral sound set.

And a lovely warm theatre organ. Unique Klaus Wunderlich and Franz Lambert sound.

USB connection to load your styles

Line out.

Speaker out.

High Power Digital amplifier (Class D)

The Genesis is an organ for real organists. Just sit, play and enjoy.

All our instruments have a Digital Amplifier build in. The speaker system is designed for home use. If you want the best possible sound and more power in terms of volume we recommend separate standing floor speakers (normal Hifi Speakers). This will give you the best possible sounds with the best possible stereo sound.

Project Description

Bemore Genesis Home. Luxurious in build and design. Contemporary beautiful designed Genesis Home with blue illumination covering all fascias. The Genesis Home comes as standard with a high power amplification system (Class D) and a 17 note pedalboard. This, however, can be tailored to customer requirements, i.e., 25 note pedalboard, and extra amplification by way of two-floor standing speakers. Our instruments are manufactured without styles.

Project Details

Date: 2015
Client: Bemore Instruments